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Hepatitis A case confirmed at Fleet school

A case of hepatitis A is being investigated at a school in Fleet, with children and staff who have come into contact with the infected person being recommended to receive vaccinations to prevent further spread of the viral infection.

Public Health England (PHE) announced the news on Wednesday (March 11).

The government body said the likelihood of the infection spreading in the school environment was low but as a precaution, all parents have been advised of the signs and symptoms of hepatitis A and asked to contact their GP if they have concerns.

The school has not been named.

PHE added the infection, which is very uncommon in England, is often associated with foreign travel and can cause a range of illness from mild, non-specific nausea and vomiting through to hepatitis (liver inflammation, jaundice, or icterus) and in rare cases liver failure.

PHE said the illness in young children may often be very mild or they may not show any symptoms at all but can pass the infection to others.

Dr Anand Fernandes, consultant in health protection at PHE Wessex, said: "We are working closely with colleagues in the local NHS, Hampshire County Council and Hart District Council environmental health to manage the low risk of spread of this illness.

"It is an infection that can be passed from person to person especially within households.

"We have reviewed the risk posed by this infection and have recommended the vaccination of all children and staff in specific classes as a precautionary measure.

"The vaccine is not recommended for other children, staff or visitors to the school at this time as the risk of exposure to them is very low. However, we are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to review the need to extend vaccination."

Dr Fernandes said PHE wanted to stress the importance of good hand hygiene to prevent the spread of the infection.

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"Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water after using the toilet and before and after handling food," he said.

"Small children should be supervised in washing their hands."

PHE said it and local authorities routinely investigate all cases of hepatitis A infection, aiming to identify the source and take any necessary actions to protect the public's health.

All close contacts are being followed up and letters have also been sent to local GPs, alerting them to the possibility of infection and asking that they report any possible cases.

Are you a parent of a child at the school involved? Get in contact with us via email or the contact details on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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Victoria Borwick selected as Conservative MP for Kensington

Victoria Borwick will hold a meeting with Boris Johnson next week to decide whether or not she will continue as deputy mayor of London. Photograph: GLA Conservatives

London's deputy mayor Lady Victoria Borwick has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the safe Kensington seat due to be vacated by Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

A Conservative party spokesman confirmed the selection for May's general election, which was made at a meeting of the local party on Friday evening. Borwick won on the first round with more than 50% of the votes, beating challengers Charlotte Vere and Shaun Bailey.

Following the announcement, her son Thomas Borwick paid tribute to Rifkind, who decided to step down two weeks ago after being caught up in a sting by the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4's Dispatches programme.

Rifkind also resigned as the chairman of the influential parliamentary intelligence and security committee as he came under pressure over allegations that he and another former foreign secretary Jack Straw offered to use their influence as MPs to help a fictitious company in return for thousands of pounds.

Rifkind was an "excellent and dedicated public servant" who had served his constituents for a long time, Thomas Borwick told the Guardian, speaking on his mother's behalf.

But he refused to comment directly on the circumstances surrounding Rifkind's decision to stand down as an MP, saying he was "not qualified" to do so.

He added that his mother was "delighted to represent the Conservative party in the upcoming general election".

Victoria Borwick, who took over as deputy mayor of London in 2012, will hold a meeting with London Mayor Boris Johnson next week to decide whether or not she will continue in the post, her son said.

She made two unsuccessful attempts to secure the Tory London mayoral candidacy - including a campaign against her eventual boss Boris Johnson in 2008.

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The following year, she was forced to apologise and repay money after using City Hall resources to promote her husband's electric vehicle business.

On Friday night, Thomas Borwick confirmed that his mother's intention to serve out her current term as a member of the London Assembly (LA), regardless of whether or not she was elected as an MP in May. But she would not seek another term in the LA either way, he said.

He also confirmed that she would continue her campaign against the mansion tax during the election campaign.

The Conservatives won the Kensington seat in 2010 with a majority of more than 8,600 votes from a total of 35,000 cast.

In a statement released by the Conservative party on Friday, Victoria Borwick said: "It's a great privilege to have been selected to represent the Conservatives in Kensington, the place I have called home all my life.

"I look forward to the campaign ahead. It's an opportunity to fight for Kensington, to stop the Labour party and their pernicious plans for a new tax on the family home, and to support the strong leadership of David Cameron."

A Labour party spokesman declined to comment.

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Wish you were here: Disgraced lettings agent is living it up in the sun

A DISGRACED lettings agent who was barred for life after scamming dozens of tenants is enjoying the sun-soaked high life more than a decade later.

Allan Langley Smith left at least 40 former customers out of pocket after his Hadleys Letting and Estate Agents collapsed in 2004 and it is believed he headed to Spain.

Now former victims have contacted The Argus sickened by what they see as the former Brighton businessman "flaunting his wealth" in numerous Facebook photos revealing a millionaire's lifestyle.

Mr Langley Smith was slapped with a lifetime ban by the Office of Fair Trading in 2004 after he was found to have misled customers with false bids from fictitious interested parties in an investigation by Which? magazine.

He had founded the firm in 1996 and expanded two years later following the collapse of a rival firm.

His offices in Queen's Road and Western Road were raided by bailiffs in April 2004 while up to 40 tenants complained to police and Brighton and Hove City Council trading standards that rent payments they had made were not reaching their landlords.

Many more victims were estimated at the time.

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A year before the meltdown of his company, Mr Langley Smith sold his home in Chichester Drive East, Saltdean, to finance a move to Alicante in Spain and it appears the 51-year-old is still enjoying his place in the sun with a new home near Valencia.

Numerous Facebook posts by the businessman apparently show him soaking up the sun all year round on beaches, enjoying poolside drinks of champagne, beer and red wine and boasting about the unseasonally warm weather while out-of-pocket former clients face the cold back home in Brighton.

When The Argus contacted Mr Langley Smith last month to ask whether he had any regrets about the incidents more than a decade ago, he turned his Facebook profile to private and then days later he deleted it all together.

One former victim said: "It's quite sick to see him flaunting his wealth on Facebook with boasts and photos of his many extravagant parties.

"Lots of the people he flies over there are his friends and family from Brighton.

"He just lives the life of Riley, totally unashamedly."

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EU anti-terror talks: ministers plan 'new era of travel surveillance'

"We will all be determined to do what is necessary to keep Europe safe from the terrorist threat. We will be talking about the challenge of extreme Islamism today and how we deal with it, with our counter-terrorist response," he said.

"We will be looking at some of the specific measures that can help to keep us safe, like passenger name records, within Europe. If you are planning on visiting Belgium the following link has some more information on Cheap Dog Friendly Hotels in Antwerp.So that is important."

The EU is also planning anti-terror measures in cooperation with Arab countries to share information on jihadi terror suspects travelling to and from Syria in the wake of attacks and arrests across Europe.

Mr Hammond said that the United States would be joining European and Arab countries later this week in London to review progress fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) terrorist group.

"The Muslim countries of the world are the ones that have suffered the greatest burden of terrorism. They will continue to be in the front line and we have to work closely with them to protect both those countries and the EU countries," he said.

Nabil el-Arabi, the secretary general of the Arab League, is attending Monday's talks and his presence was welcomed by Federica Mogherini, the EU's foreign minister.

"We need to strengthen the ways we cooperate together, first with Muslim countries and then internally. We will start with a discussion on how to counter terrorism not only in Europe but in other parts of the world," she said.

"We need to share information more, we need to cooperate more. We will discuss with the secretary general how to increase the level of cooperation with our partners. We need an alliance, a dialogue."

Mrs Mogherini said that national governments would appeal against a European court ruling that the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas should be removed from the EU's terrorist list.

Pending the appeal, Hamas will remain on the EU's terrorism list and its assets will stay frozen before a final judgment by the European Court of Justice.

"The EU is determined to stem the financing of terrorism," she said.

EU leaders will discuss a five point anti-terrorism plan at a summit on 12 February after the meeting between European foreign followed by talks of interior ministers next week.

Using Europol, which has new powers to collect information on people who have never been convicted of a criminal offence, the EU is planning to create a more centralised system of intelligence sharing allowing security services to monitor and track suspects throughout the EU's 28 countries.

Existing border control databases will be combined with a future PNR scheme to "ensure maximal use of passenger data processing" to create a new surveillance system covering people travelling both within and outside the EU.

Britain, along with Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands, is pushing the EU to introduce border checks on suspected Islamists returning to their home countries in Europe.

MEPs will come under intense pressure next week to drop their opposition to security databases of passenger name records (PNR), information that includes credit card details, travel itineraries and the dietary choices made on flights.

David Cameron has described the European Parliament's blockage of the measure, which the Prime Minister regards as critical for British security, as "frankly ridiculous".

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'Aggressive' East Surrey Hospital nurse struck off for bullying bipolar patient

A nurse has been struck off for bullying and pushing a 'vulnerable' bipolar patient at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

The victim suffered bruising to her arms, back and sacrum after nurse Mary Kenny pushed her off a commode, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel heard on Wednesday (March 11).

The woman - referred to as Patient X - had been admitted to the hospital's acute medical unit after taking an overdose.

The NMC panel heard on January 3 2013 another nurse was struggling to get the woman to the toilet as she flailed her arms around.

Ms Kenny then entered the lavatory, shouted at Patient X and threatened to smack her, saying: "If you hit me I will hit you back twice as hard."

She then grabbed Patient X by the arms to sit her onto the commode, the panel was told, before attempting to move the woman to her bed by tipping the commode up from behind.

Ms Kenny was suspended following the incident, which left onlooking colleagues 'shocked'. The matter wasalso investigated by police and she was handed a 24-month conditional discharge.

Explaining the decision to strike Ms Kenny off, NMC panel chairman Alexander Coleman said: "The panel had regard to the fact that Patient X was a vulnerable patient who was in an agitated state on admission

"In particular, Ms Kenny did not support Patient X with appropriate care and compassion.

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"In the view of the panel, on the evidence before it, Ms Kenny conducted herself in a bullying manner towards this vulnerable patient.

"The panel were concerned that Ms Kenny had failed to take the opportunity to address her initial aggressive interaction with Patient X, in the presence of her colleagues and persisted to continue her actions when again with the patient by her bedside."

She went on: "The panel finds that Ms Kenny's actions were sufficiently serious as to amount to misconduct.

"The panel had regard to the fact that there has been no evidence of insight or remediation into her actions that demonstrated any reflection, understanding or learning into her conduct.

"The panel considered this to be a concern and raised the risk of repetition."

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